What People Are Saying About Cashless Payment Software

The benefits of introducing cashless payment systems to schools and company cafeterias are becoming very popular. There are several benefits that many people probably haven’t even considered. The growing trend already has some positive feedback and here are what users on both ends are saying about these types of systems.

Benefits to Schools and Cafeterias

School cafeterias and those in businesses like a hospital cafeteria feel that there is less risk of money being lost or stolen. Also, in a school setting, those who are eligible for a free school meal are more apt to use the service without the stigma that is normally involved. Schools and cafeterias are able to take some of the administrative burdens off of employees as a system will log who has paid for what and it is no longer a manual process.

What Parents & Other Users are Saying

There are less obvious benefits. Parents really enjoy being able to see what their children are buying each day. They can see if they are making healthy choices or if there is a chance they are buying ice cream for themselves and a friend. The reporting is great to analyze what is being purchased and what the habits are.

In the past, parents had to remember to send a check in with their student every few weeks or when they felt their account was getting low. Students accounts can be loaded online and maintained from there as long as they attend school.

Those in the corporate world who use a system for their food services say employees like the option to have funds electronically transferred through payroll deduction. This way, when employees want to run down to the cafeteria for a quick bite to eat they aren’t scrambling to find an ATM machine or to wait for change at the register. It keeps the lines moving smoothly and people can get on with their lunch break.

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