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HistoryInventor of the first mobile phone system is Martin Cooper, a Motorola employee on April 3, 1973, although widely touted is the inventor of the cell phone of one of a team of Motorola division (division where Cooper worked) with the first model is the DynaTAC. Idea proposed by Cooper is a communication tool that is small and easy to carry travel flexibly.Cooper and his team faced the challenge of how to include all electronic material into such a small device for the first time. But eventually a first cell phone was successfully completed with a total weight of weighing two kilograms. To produce it, Motorola would cost the equivalent of U.S. $ 1 million. “In 1983, the portable cellular phone worth U.S. $ 4 thousand (Rp36 million) equivalent to U.S. $ 10 thousand (Rp90 million).After successfully producing mobile phones, the next biggest challenge is adapting infrastructure to support the mobile phone communication system by creating a network system that only requires 3 MHz spectrum, the equivalent of five TV channels are channeled to the whole world.Other figures are known to be very instrumental in the mobile communications world is Amos Joel Jr. who was born in Philadelphia, March 12, 1918, he was recognized worldwide as an expert in the field of switching. He received a bachelor’s degree (1940) and master’s (1942) in electronic engineering from MIT.

Not long after studies, he began his career over 43 years (from July 1940-March 1983) at the Bell Telephone Laboratories, where he received more than 70 U.S. patents in the field of telecommunications, particularly in the field of switching. Amos E Joel Jr., making the system connector (switching) from one area of ​​the cell phone to another cell area. Switching it should work when mobile users move or move from one cell to another cell so that the conversation is not interrupted. Because Joel Amos invention is the use of mobile phones to be comfortable.Functions and featuresIn addition to working to make and receive phone calls, the phone also has the function generally sending and receiving short messages (short message service, SMS). There is also a provider of mobile phone services in some countries that provide third generation (3G) services by adding videophone, as a means of payment, as well as for online television on their mobile phones. Now, mobile phones into multifunctional gadgets. Following the development of digital technology, now the phone is also equipped with a wide selection of features, such as can capture radio and television broadcasts, the software audio players (MP3) and video, digital camera, game, and internet services (WAP, GPRS, 3G). In addition to these features, the phone is now embedded computer features. So on the phone, people can change the function of the phone is a mini computer. In the business world, this feature is very helpful for business people to do all the work in one place and makes the job completed in a short time.Today, the role of mobile phones have become a necessity Everyday Primer, the following categories of mobile phones by Function:Business mobile phone type of this is aimed at people who want a business device in your hand, usually have a phone that has this capability quite smart phones “smartphones”. Beragai business applications contained in this phone and can make your office work can be seen and done in a mobile phone.Mobile Entertainment is a mobile phone type of multimedia manifold, where all activities related to music, art, photos, and other social can be fixed by a mobile phone. Many of these type of phone has its own variants, such as Mobile Music, Mobile Camera, Mobile Internet and Social.Fashion mobile phone type of this greater reliance on zoom, and can make its owner very satisfied though with features that impressed “potluck”. But behind it all, a Mobile Fashion can be worth many times the price of sophisticated mobile phones. Phones today can be found more valuable than the price of a vehicle even more expensive than the price of a house.Standard mobile phone type of this is intended for those who want a phone that is simple, features embedded in this phone is a core feature, no new technology is pinned.