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Handphone as a Modern Lifestyle

samsung s4Handphone has become the new technology of today’s lifestyle. As a proof, children as young as 7 years old are already using handphones. Thinking back at a decade ago, handphones are still bulky and expensive and they are only used by some people such as businessman and the rich. Today, handphones are largely used by most of us. It has been the primary needs of our daily life. In this rapidly changing world, technology is growing and handphones are getting affordably cheap.

There are a lot of important usages we can get from handphone. Let’s take a look at some of its positive effects. As its primary usage, of course, it is use as a way of communication. We can communicate anywhere we want as long as it has signal. For example, in Indonesia there are a lot of people working in other countries; handphones enable them to communicate with their family, especially for people living in the countryside. Short Message System which is also known as SMS is very popular among the youngsters. This is because SMS is much cheaper than making a call, thus makes them able to communicate without fearing of spending too much expenses. Multimedia Message System which is also known as MMS is very useful because we can send photos or pictures easily. Handphone can also be called as our personal secretary. It is already embedded with a lot of business applications such as calendar, reminder, calculator, notes, Microsoft office, and now it already supports Wi-Fi so that we can access to email, messenger and browse the web everywhere we want. These effects increase our society’s interaction and economical growth, and easy internet connection network brings us closer to what’s happending in the world around us. Another purpose is, it can be used as a source of entertainment such as game applications, radio FM and music player. We are no longer required to bring walkman and other game consoles, thus affect our moods as a tranquilizer to relax.

Besides of its positive effects, there are also negative effects too. As we all know, the spreading of pornography is getting more and more uncontrollable and handphone can be use as a tool of this reason. Pornography can be transfer easily through MMS, Wi-Fi and GPRS connection. This pornography influences the moral of the people. Some people are concerned that internet could be exploited for serious crimes. It also can be use as a way of cheating; there are some cases where students are using their handphones to cheat by sending SMS to some friends, another case is, teachers and students find it rather disruptive as it distracts the concentration of other pupils when they are using phones during lessons and starts to ring. This negative effect wasted teachers’ time by scolding pupils and slowed the class progression. The other effect is that it can give some negative effect for our health, due to its radiation that is emitted while using handphones. This might affect our health issue as it expose us with more radiation and extensive exposure of radiation leads us to injuries that damages our tissues and cells in the body. It can also be use as a way of communication at the wrong hands, for example criminal communicates to other criminals to break the law by doing criminal acts. These dishonorable acts bring great effects in our society.

As we know that children may be more vulnerable than adults to the potential risks of using mobile phones. Therefore, it is important for parents to monitor their children’s activities on the phone. In my opinion, handphone is an incredible invention with great usages provided we, as users, are completely aware of the negative and harmful effects that is affecting ourselves and the society. We have to be responsible for our behaviours, so that other people does not feel uncomfortable or even opposed by our acts.